Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This is the cutest Nursery I have ever seen! When I get a new house I want to do my baby girls room like this! This post is from The Fickle Pickle! She is a really talented girl!

the Nursery

Okay here it is, for those that have been waiting...if there really were any of you out there...the BiG reveal.  Can I say I'm feeling a little nervous and a bit of pressure!?  First let me disclose that the room is still in a state of being 'sort of finished'.  But really, is the decorating ever completely FINISHED...not around here.  There are a few things I would like to try and include before baby comes, like a rocker of some sort and maybe a chandelier...if I ever find what I'm looking for (if you have ideas where to find either, please do share!!).  But for now it is as done as it's going to get.

The main project of this room was the board and batten treatment we did on the walls.  Initially getting the boards on the wall went pretty quick and without too much trouble.  We, like many others of you who have board and battened, went to the Home Depot and had the MDF cut...relieving much of the time and work that could have been spent.  After that we spent one weekend gluing, nailing, and painting.  If it weren't for the custom made trim and the finish work we could have had it all finished up in one whirlwind of a weekend.  Unfortunately making your own trim from scratch (couldn't find precut trim that I liked) and puttying and sanding then not liking the results and having to reputty and resand (3 or more times!) does take some time to accomplish.  Needless to say, it did get done and I LOVE the results.
I should probably take a moment here to mention that I really had little (okay, nothing) to do with all the labor that was involved in the making of this room.  That credit all goes to the hubs and my dad who put up with me and my 'ideas' through the entire project.

Okay, so on with the tour...
The paint color I chose for the upper wall is Glass Tile by Valspar.  Yes it is a bluish color.  And yes it is a little girl's nursery.  The one thing that my dad voiced his opinion on.  But you can see how much I listened...

The birdie canvas is from Pier 1 Imports and lamps I moved from another room (I found them at Hobby Lobby a few years ago).

I've been collecting different containers and buckets over the last few from all over to put on the cube shelves.  Most of these buckets are from Target's dollar spot and the canvas bins I found at Walmart.

I made these create paper balls last year for another project.  Thought they fit in the room nicely.

Because there is a lot of different patterns going on in the room with the bedding and different fabrics I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for curtains and finally ended up with plain old white, sheets.  That's right, $4.00 Walmart flat sheets.  Add a few curtain hooks and little have very inexpensive drapes.  And later on if I find something I like better I won't feel guilty about spending the $. 

The furniture is all recycled from the basement and has already survived two little boys.  I did, though, add a little fabric to the fronts of the drawers (just stapled it right on there) and added new knobs from Hobby Lobby to fancy up the dresser/changing table.

I've already mentioned the deal I got on the bedding once before...but for those who missed...I found the bumper pad and bed skirt for $8.00 a piece on clearance at Target a while back.  Then I made a few pillows to coordinate and tie in all the colors of the room.

I used some of the same fabrics from the pillows to make a pennant banner...I can't get over these!

The chandi art I found at Real Deals.

Can't get over the pom poms either...made these from tissue paper.

This little table used to be navy blue.  Looks much better covered in Glass Tile I must say.  I'm thinking she needs a cute little lamp to go up top.

I borrowed the zebra rug from the playroom (originally from Walmart).  Still trying to decide if I like it in the room or not.

And there ya have it...all ready for a baby, preferably a girl one.
Now that it's done I can focus on the less important things, like finding a car seat and other basics that have yet to be my world decorating comes before the essentials.  Priorities. 

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